Certification Courses

For years, the widespread belief has been that technical knowledge and technical certification contributes most to career development success for support professionals. According to recent surveys however, soft skills are far more important than technical skills to reach the top of the support career ladder. In fact, Stanford Research Institute stated that 87.50% of survey respondents judged communication skills and interpersonal skills (i.e., soft skills) as the most important contributor to achieving career success.


Certification of Communication Skills and Train the Trainer isn't new to technical support professionals. However, technical skills and technical certifications don't necessarily translate into the ability to effectively and efficiently communicate with customers or participants who are experiencing difficulties with their product or services. Development of soft skills and training skills adds balance and interpersonal skills savvy to technical professionals and individuals. Certification of soft skills and training proves experience, dedication to customers, and quality communication skills.


We have designed the following 2 certification programs which will give in depth knowledge, enhance ones skills and confidence to deliver their best:

Train The Trainer

Communication Skills