Our Vision:

To provide solutions to our clients that simplifies their life or process across the globe.


Our Mission:

To understand the complexity faced by our clients/participants and provide with immediate and long term solutions which solidifies their trust and justifies their investment.


Our belief:

We believe Assessment and Development program comes into the picture when there is a gap between expectation and delivery with respect to performance.

We have designed various assessment and training programs for Individual’s and for teams to introspect, learn and grow. Our intent is to provide solution to each participant’s concern by taking into consideration their personality and individual thought process.

Nibhish means problem solver. That is what Nibhish Consultancy is all about. We have an eye to identify the gap between expectation and delivery; accordingly we design an assessment or training workshop, which ensures that the client is constantly growing.


Let us understand what is the Difference between Training and Development:

There is a big difference between training and Assessment. If one spends money providing training to executives and managers who already have the skills and knowledge they need, then that training will not move the needle for a company. What one needs is to develop existing skills to their maximum potential.

Training               =             Teaching New Skills

Development       =             Perfecting Existing Skills

Training is the acquisition of knowledge, skills and competencies as a result of teaching.

Development teaches how to become more productive and effective at work and at the company.

In other words, training provides the skill and development maximizes it.


When one invests money in developing oneself or their employees, one is helping them use their existing skills and their company’s resources to perform better. The best development programs give employees the opportunity to discover things that they would have never discovered in their day-to-day work.

As one strengthens the individual, the team, as a whole, also becomes stronger. As the team gets stronger, the organization becomes more successful. People are the most important asset in any organization. They are hired for their skills and knowledge, and it is time to think about developing their skills to their maximum potential to propel an organization’s growth.