Relationship Enrichment Program

Relationship Enrichment program is a customized assessment that identifies strength and area of development between two or more people.


It has long been known that an individual's behavior is often played out in and exacerbated by problems in his or her personal Relationships.


Relationship skills deficiencies can make any Relationship difficult. Today every individual is expected to possess Relationship skills such as- conflicts, difficult people around them, different opinions, demotivated and negativity among people they care for, lack of creativity etc. However, most individuals simply don't have the time, people skills and motivation to manage Relationship issues during stress, challenging times and changing environment.


Personal Success and Relationships are interconnected: 

Relationship Enrichment program focuses on improving a person's interpersonal skills. In Relationship Enrichment, preventive maintenance is the key. 


Through a developed Relationship Enrichment Program, managers/individuals/friends/relatives, etc. can improve their communication and people skills to maintain, improve or salvage relationships. In addition, a facilitator may assist an individual to create more balance in their life which actually leads to more creative energy for work.


All individuals need to systematically develop a sound relational model of supervision and address important aspects of the Relationship, such as:

  • Transferences and counter transferences in the supervisory Relationship

  • The problems and uses of regression

  • The distribution of power and authority

  • The teach-treat dilemma

  • Individuals also need to develop and be able to articulate their own theory of helping


Why is Relationship Enrichment program required in corporate world?

  • Human Relationships within organizations are complex in nature

  • Managers and executives lack relationship management skills

  • Lack of Self-Awareness, Acceptability, Adaptability and Building and Maintaining Rapport

  • Constant change in relationship patterns


Relationship Enrichment is about assessing human systems by:

  • Recognizing Problems

  • Systemic Diagnosis

  • Identifying Solutions

  • Implementing Solutions

  • Monitoring and testing their effectiveness


Relationship Enrichment Program

Understand the characteristics and implementations on:

  • Management Style

  • Value system

  • Attitude

  • Personal Skills

  • Driving Force

  • Energy Direction

  • Authority Orientation

  • Role Perception

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Modes of Learning’s

  • Blind Spot and Pitfalls

  • Stress

  • Communication

  • Conflict

  • Emotional Intelligence



Basic facts

Friendship, team-member, manager / subordinate, partnership -no Relationship runs smoothly all the time. 

Relationship Variables -such as Transference


Some Common Relationship Problems include:

  • Relationship Entanglements

  • Relationship Bonds


Relationship Enrichment is a common sense, non-judgmental way to:

  • Make business and personal Relationships more productive

  • Reduce the costs of conflict and turn it into a positive force

  • Discover potential sources of conflict

  • Look beyond people’s “personality”

  • Establish an effective relationship between team members and with their team leaders

  • Understand and put into practice the principles of team-work

  • Build confidence and a sense of responsibility in others

  • Establish mutual trust and respect between team members and with their team leaders

  • Explore strength and growth areas

  • Strengthen communication skills

  • Identify and manage major stressors

  • Resolve conflict.

  • Develop a more balanced relationship

  • Establish personal, team, couple, family goals, etc…

  • Understand and appreciate personality differences

  • Work together

  • Take decisions together


These objectives are achieved through facilitated indoor and/or outdoor activities and facilitated discussions which are largely led by the team members themselves. This encourages participants to learn and develop as a group, rather than to be prescribed the 'best' way to achieve their desired outcomes.


Based on the assessment results, a trained facilitator provides 4-8 feedback sessions in which the facilitator helps the team members, couple, etc. discuss and understand their results as they are taught proven relationship skills.


Who is eligible for this program?

Managers who want to increase team bonding, working partners, friends, premarital counseling, marriage counseling, marriage enrichment, and dating couples considering engagement, etc...


This program is not only for team members, managers and sub ordinates or couples who are having problem in their relationship but also for those who want to solidify, strengthen and grow in their relationship and take it to the next level.


Learning Formats


Option One: Tailored In-house Training (Suitable for small Groups of Staff)


Our Approach: A comprehensive Three Level approach enables us to identify your requirements, and then carefully tailor course topics and post-training reinforcement support tools to suit your needs.

Length: Tailored to your needs – half-day, full-day, or 2 - day courses.


Locations/Availability: Delivered at your premises or a venue of your choice (where appropriate). Training is available seven days a week, and there is no additional charge for weekend training.


Group Size: Flexible.