Training Programs

Assessment, Training and career development are very vital in any company or organization that aims at progressing. Training simply refers to the process of acquiring the essential skills required for a certain job. It targets specific goals, for instance, understanding a process and operating a certain machine or system.


Career development, on the other hand, puts emphasis on broader skills, which are applicable in a wide range of situations. This includes decision making, thinking creatively and managing people.



Training is no more an indulgence of merely some high net worth organisation, it rather is an essential activity necessary for the smooth functioning of an organisation and to enable the company’s employees to optimize company resources and make optimum use of them. In the last few years there’s been a huge jump of corporate and SME companies getting their employees trained on various facets.


In the current context it is seen to be acting like a catalyst that enables a healthy relationship between the employees and the corporations by making the company understand the psychology of the employees and also honing skills of employees.



Following are the programs designed by us:

Hot Seat                                          Blind spot Identification
Dear Destiny, I am Ready             Salaried Entrepreneur
Evolve and Enhance                      What Women Want
Explore yourself                              First Line Managers
Sale to Sail                                     Sales Training
Transform Yourself                         Communication Skills
On boarding                                    For New Joiners
Battle of minds                               Conflict Management
Play to Learn                                   Experiential Learning
My Road to Success                      Goal Setting
1st Impression                                Grooming Session
Refine and Express                       Presentation Skills
I will not exist, WE will                    Relationship Enrichment
UN clutter your mind                      Stress Management
Gone in 60 seconds                      Time Management
Life on Mars                                   Creative Thinking


We also customise classroom, experiential learning’s and outdoor training programs as per requirement.


Some of the benefits of our training programs are as follows:

Learning Management System 

  • Improves productivity.

  • Training can give a new employee the confidence to do their job well.

  • Capture the existing knowledge in an organization.

  • Employees develop skill sets that allow them undertake a greater variety of work.

  • Improved ability to implement and realize specific goals outlined in a company's business plan.

  • Increased ability to respond effectively to change.

  • Job satisfaction.

  • Expectation Management.


Productivity usually increases when a company implements training courses. Training across the workforce, from the shop floor to executive level and in any discipline, improves:

  • Competitiveness

  • Morale

  • Profitability

  • Customer satisfaction

  • Market share

  • Company reputation and profile


It can also lead to reductions in:

  • Inefficient use of time and materials

  • Workplace accidents

  • Maintenance costs of equipment

  • Staff turnover and absenteeism

  • Recruitment expenses

  • Supervision


Our programs are more of experiential learning’s, group discussions, knowledge bank creation, blind spot identification and self evolvement, which ensures that the participants not only learn new skill sets but also sharpen their existing skills.


Who is eligible for this program?

Any individual who requires improvement on any specific or various facets of his/her personality.

Any individual who would like to self evolve and improve upon his/her less developed skills or sharpen his existing skills.

All the above can be conducted for an individual or for teams as well.


Learning Formats

Option One: Tailored In-house Training (Suitable for small Groups of Staff)


Our Approach: A comprehensive Three Level approach enables us to identify your requirements, and then carefully tailor course topics and post-training reinforcement support tools to suit your needs.

Length: Tailored to your needs – bite-sized 120 minute sessions; or half-day, full-day, or three-day courses.

Locations/Availability: Delivered at your premises or a venue of your choice (where appropriate). Training is available seven days a week, and there is no additional charge for weekend training.

Group Size: Flexible.